Standards Australia (SA)

Standards Australia is the nexus for Australian industry. It is internationally renowned for its role in the development of standards and is recognised by the Government as the peak, non-government standards body in Australia. Standards Australia is dedicated to setting benchmarks to meet the growing expectations of the Australian community, industry and government. It remains committed to enhancing the social, environmental and economic well-being of all Australians. Standards Australia ensures the effective development of standards and recognition of other standardisation bodies by providing an active forum for discussion, debate and consensus. Through its activities, it encourages growth in export of Australian products and services and proudly promotes excellence in Australian design and innovation through the Australian Design Awards.

Standards Australia has undertaken a significant business transformation in order to ensure that its activities and those of its technical experts on standards committees can sustainably continue well into the future to serve the Australian community at large.

With effect from October 2008, Standards Australia implemented its New Business Model. The central concepts to the new model are Net Benefit and choice of pathways. Net Benefit can be summarised as ‘having a positive effect on relevant communities’. Quite simply, all projects now developed under the Standards Australia banner must deliver demonstrable Net Benefit to the Australian economy.

All project proposals are assessed by the same criteria. Delivery of standards and related consensus documentation into the marketplace can be fast-tracked by adopting one of the five ‘Alternative Pathways’ now available to stakeholders. The ‘Pathways’ provide flexibility and choice, acknowledging that stakeholders may be able to assist with the resources required to develop standards.

The model ensures that the limited resources of both stakeholders and Standards Australia are utilised to the very best effect. This is consistent with our status as the peak standards body and the Memorandum of Understanding that we hold with the Commonwealth.

Therefore, under the auspices of work conducted by Standards Australia committee IT-014 Health Informatics, Australia contributes to the development of international standards by ISO TC 215 Health Informatics.