How to get involved

Get actively involved

If you are interested in participating actively on IT-014, please contact Ms Aldine Ward

 For more information on how to participate in the standards development process please visit the Standards Australia website at

Why you should become a Standards Australia Committee Member

Participation in Standards development work generates personal, corporate and national benefits. The advantages you will gain range from life-long friendships, to professional development, and economic benefits for your organisation and industry.

Value to you

Personal satisfaction from knowing that many people will benefit from your work.

  • Opportunity to network with industry peers both locally and internationally.

  • Knowledge gained during technical committee work broadens your understanding of your industry, and keeps you up-to-date with technology and trends.

  • Personal and professional development: your negotiation and interpersonal skills will be enhanced by working in a consensus-based environment.

  • Sharpen the clarity and conciseness of your writing skills.

  • Opportunity to build up your professional profile, particularly if you speak at Standards Australia seminars.

Value to your business

  • Participation in the Standards development process ensures that the resultant Standard is balanced, and that no section of the community is unfairly disadvantaged.

  • Profile and network opportunities across a broad cross-section of interested parties assists in anticipating market requirements

  • Greater recognition for your business or association.

  • Familiarity with the content of the Standard before it is published facilitates early compliance.

  • A full understanding of the requirements and philosophy of Standards can lead to savings of time and money.

Value to the nation

  • Contemporary, internationally aligned Standards enhance Australia’s reputation for economic efficiency, international competitiveness and desire for safe, high quality and sustainable products, services and systems.

  • Actively participating in International Standards development means that Australia’s position is heard and incorporated in International Standards.

  • Aspects of International Standards which might negatively impact on Australia can be prevented.

  • International recognition for Australia’s expertise and capability can lead to business opportunities.

  • As a signatory to the World Trade Organization’s convention prohibiting Standards acting as a barrier to international trade, Australia is required to actively promote and participate in international standardisation. As International Standards are increasingly being adopted in Australia, it is essential that we work to ensure their content is compatible with Australia’s national interest and to do this we must continue to be actively involved.